any_mous (any_mous) wrote in seekinghisface,

What do you do...

When the truth cannot be handled?

I dont just mean that "they'll just take it a little hard"...i mean that countless times, despite the truth that i have said in the past, not matter how many times i say it, i am either believed to be lying, or too foolish to know what i am talking about.

normally i would persist with the truth, but everytime, lies are conjured up against me and my position gets more and more dire. Im to the point of having to answer "no commment" to simple questions just because the truth is more then any one really wants, more then any one will really believe, and my life has ONLY worsened because of this truth.

i could really use some help. if i dont get it, i will either break, or just take up lying.
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