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Of Priorities and the Self-Centered Lie

Yesterday, God brought back to mind something that I had done in a bible study several months back. I can pinpoint my recent growth back to this very lesson- it had that much impact on me. It was an exercise in priority.

Here's how it works:

First, think honestly about everything you normally do during the week. Write down each thing, along with how much time (in hours) you spend doing each activity. Then, take the 10 you spend the most time on and put them in order from the most time spent to the least time spent. That will give you your current priorities.

My current priorities list looks like this
  1. The Computer (internet/ iTunes/ writing)
  2. Cleaning
  3. Cooking
  4. Kid's Stuff (homework help, sports, one on one time)
  5. Church/ Ministry (church services, WM's & Sunday School prep/ service- like cleaning or filling in where needed)
  6. My hubby (one on one time)
  7. TV
  8. Animals (our dog/ horse)
  9. Christian Fellowship (outside of church)
  10. Prayer/ Bible study/ communion with God/

Second, spend some time in prayer. Ask God to show you where He wants you to spend your time, what He feels should be most important to you. On the back side of your current priorities list, number 1 to 10. Fill in each as the Holy Spirit directs you to.

What God showed me my priorities should be:
  1. Fellowship with God (prayer and communion time, bible study)
  2. My hubby (quality time, being a support in every way I can)
  3. My kids (quality time, daily devotions, school/ sport activities)
  4. Ministry (Sunday School, WM's, intercessory prayer)
  5. Church (true corporate worship, opening my ears to God's word, making my attendance God-centered)
  6. Christian Fellowship (developing encouraging, heartfelt, correcting relationships and staying away from those that aren't)
  7. Service (giving more of my free time to what God would have me do, regardless of what it is)
  8. Cleaning/ Cooking
  9. Animals
  10. Down Time (computer/ TV/ etc.)
When I did this, it was very humbling. I was so far off the mark that God had set for me! You can look at the lists for yourself. Not even one is in the place it should be, not a one! It wasn't until I at least tried to make God's priorities my own that I was able to grow at all. Actually, God is so faithful. From the moment I made the decision to give my priorities to God, it was like an invisible wall holding me back had suddenly fallen down. Instead of the self-serving, self-centered life I was living, I'm working towards a God-centered life. I'm not there yet. I don't know if I'll ever truly be there. I stumble time and time again. My priorities are shifting and they are closer to what God wants for me, but they're still not close enough. But I've realized that admitting I have the problem is the battle. Unfortunately, a lot of us are just like me- we're so caught up in ourselves that we haven't even picked up our sword yet.
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